Our scope of service ranges from prevention and early intervention to recovery and wellness maintenance, with a major emphasis on programs for children of all ages and their families. Integrated treatment programs for persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders engage individuals from preteen through older adult, as well as their family members.

 We offer a wide range of services for various age groups at sites throughout Los Angeles County…and specialized services in our other four counties.  Click here for our Locations list.

Pacific Clinics focuses on family and other personal relationships as integral to treatment and consequently touches many lives beyond our consumers. Through education, inclusion, participation, and involvement, these individuals and groups become important partners in the care and recovery of consumers.

Our outpatient model provides services through a single clinician for consumers of all ages, with family members acting as partners in the treatment of a relative or loved one. This allows issues to be discussed as a “family consultation” and the family to share observations and provide unique insights for consumer care.

As part of our commitment to the most effective care, we continually work to develop competence in the field’s best practices and integrate them into all our endeavors. The pursuit of evidence-based practices throughout our programs keeps us on the leading edge in diversity, innovation and empowerment.

Every year, Pacific Clinics makes contact with consumers of all ages, many by referral from designated governmental, educational and community agencies, sometimes from family members. Staff is also present at numerous community health fairs and other events each year to offer information and assistance in response to public interest in our services.

Levels of treatment vary by individual and circumstance. People with biologically-based disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, chronic or major depression – which often co-occur with substance abuse – are offered a comprehensive program of psychosocial therapies and case management, including monitoring of psychotropic medicines by an MD or nurse practitioner specializing in psychiatry.

We have the capacity and know-how for response to crisis. But our work every day focuses on empowering consumers so that they may better confront the challenges of their illnesses, and avoid crises that disrupt their recovery progress and put their lives on hold.

We are committed to effectively charting our clients’ care and progress through modern and efficient health records systems, always with an eye to federal confidentiality and privacy regulations in maintenance and sharing of these records.

Emphasizing abilities, not disabilities, our services help consumers live to their fullest potential