With services for the uninsured “working poor” adults struggling  for funding in recent years, the Clinics has continued to be a leader in providing programs for persons with persistent and serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disease and severe depression.  Although these illnesses -- with symptoms often appearing in the teens or young adulthood -- might  have in the past severely limited our clients’ potential, our sustained  programs continue to enable them to achieve levels of recovery in ways that they, their families and others in the community might not have considered possible.

Adult/Family Outpatient

Pacific Clinics' various programs for adults (ages 26-59) assist consumers and their family members to establish and work toward goals to maximize the clients’ productive involvement in the community and improve their quality of life. Our outpatient services include psychosocial rehabilitation, intensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment, case management services, individual and group/family therapy, crisis intervention, vocational counseling, housing services, substance abuse/mental health groups, recreational therapy, clubhouse/drop-in centers, and self-care programs (Los Angeles County).

Staff helps consumers obtain transitional or long-term benefits related to their levels of need. In addition to providing money management services, staff helps consumers develop the practical skills and strengths essential to enhancing their recovery progress and self-sufficiency.

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Intensive Community Services

Staff is on-call 24/7 for a wide range of consumer needs at three San Gabriel Valley-area ICS programs to provide treatment, case management and resources for those with serious and persistent mental illness. Asian and Latino cultural and language capabilities are available for monolingual consumers and their families (Los Angeles County).


Working by referral from the Department of Public Social Services, this program assists adults, most with children, whose mental health issues make it difficult for them to secure steady employment and become self-sufficient and independent of the state welfare system. Services provided focus on mental health and vocational counseling, educational/training opportunities, work preparation, job placement and, more recently, housing. The program also addresses the needs of other family members. (Los Angeles County)

In collaboration with other agencies, a Homeless CalWORKs Family Project operates at the Santa Fe Springs El Camino campus to give identified homeless families from the southeast LA County area prompt access to both mental health and housing resources. (Los Angeles County)

Inclusive and Multicultural Family Programs

The Family Center approach is being implemented at several Pacific Clinics sites. When a family contacts Pacific Clinics for services, all members are included in a program of care coordinated by the same care manager. Families, caregivers, significant others and physicians are integral to care. The goal is to interface the care of multigenerational family members with that of their loved ones and keep families together and as mentally healthy as possible.

Families are essential for healing and recovery, whether they are biological, foster, extended, multi-generational or incorporate other caregivers. Many Pacific Clinics programs include family education and counseling components, with culturally appropriate programs for Asian, Latino, and Armenian families at our various locations.

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Wellness & Recovery Centers and Clubhouses

These unique resources funded by the Mental Health Service Act welcome adult consumers in varying levels of recovery with comfortable facilities where members may engage in peer-support activities, social interaction, and educational, vocational and recreational opportunities. Many programs are specifically “client-run”, where all staff except supervisors are peers; others, where both peers and regular staff provide services, also are guided by a strong consumer leadership philosophy. (Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties)

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