Children and Families


Pacific Clinics’ services for children, youth and families have evolved since the agency’s inception in 1926 to offer some of its most effective and innovative programs.  The 2004  Mental Health Services Act, as well as other state and county-based funding, has created distinctive Child and Family Programs that help children thrive and strengthen families, doing “whatever it takes” to improve the emotional and mental health of our youngsters.

Birth-to-Five Services

Researchers advocate more early screening and assessment as well as better training for people who deal with children. This is a conclusion that Pacific Clinics had drawn some years ago.  Our long relationship with school-based services in several local Head Start programs revealed that some children were already having mental health problems that could more effectively have been addressed when they were infants or toddlers.

More recently, the Children’s Specialty Services Division has worked with a leading consultant on Birth-to-Five Services to provide more of our staff with experience and knowledge on addressing the mental health issues of our youngest clients and began a focused training program for many of its child and family services clinicians to better educate others in assessing and serving this very young population. 

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Children’s Intensive Community Services (CICS)

This program provides intensive short-term therapeutic and supportive services to children and adolescents, many of whom have recently been hospitalized or are at risk of repeating hospitalization. Often, these consumers are in foster care and at risk of losing their current placements. The program works with the children’s biological  and foster families to help children remain in their homes and schools. A network of community resources helps the children remain stable, achieve their goals and avoid re-admission to acute levels of care (Los Angeles County).

Mobile Parent/Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT, an effective evidence based practice that assists parents and their young children to connect and communicate, is offered not only in a clinical setting but also in a mobile unit staffed by a trained Pacific Clinics therapist. (Los Angeles County)

Multicultural and Inclusive Family Programs

The Family Center approach is being implemented at several Pacific Clinics sites in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles County. When a family contacts Pacific Clinics for services, all members are included in a program of care coordinated by the same care manager. Families, caregivers, significant others and physicians are integral to care and essential for healing and recovery. The goal is to interface the care of multigenerational family members with that of their loved ones and keep families together and as mentally healthy as possible.

Families can be biological, foster, extended, multi-generational or incorporate other caregivers. Therefore, many of Pacific Clinics’ programs include family education and counseling components, with culturally appropriate programs for Asian, Latino, and Armenian consumers at various locations.

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Intensive Outpatient Services

Pacific Clinics has numerous programs that provide multi-hour and even daily treatment programs for pre-schoolers and school-age children and youth with behavioral and emotional health issues. Some programs are provided at Clinics locations, for which children are transported by Clinics vans for regularly scheduled programs after school or half day; others are offered on their school campuses,  All provide counseling, play therapy and other treatment and case management services. Most of the children have been referred to these programs through their county social services agencies or school districts. (Los Angeles County)  

Other School-Based/Linked or Community-Based Services

With the collaboration and support of teachers, administrators and family members, the Clinics helps troubled students find a path to hope and resilience just a few steps away from their classrooms.  Staff are either full-time on campus, on-call or made available in the home or community to serve children and families in need of counseling on behavioral issues by referral from numerous school districts in San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley/Glendale, and southeast Los Angeles County.  

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

TBS is a supplemental mental health service for SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed) children/youth who are currently receiving other mental health services. The additional support provided through TBS helps children remain in their homes and avoid out-of-home placement or transfer to a more restrictive level of care. Intensive one-to-one behavior modification intervention is provided in the home and/or school setting. (Los Angeles county).