Evidence Based Practices


Numerous staff members, including all Pacific Clinics therapists, have been trained to use one or more Mental Health Service Act-approved Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) in their programs. EBPs assess the quality of the evaluation, design and methodology, the outcomes produced and for whom, the replication by more than one researcher, and the availability of a manual. The more criteria the program meets, the more grounded in science the program or intervention is thought to be. True to the concept of prevention and early intervention, many of these EBPs are either designed specifically for or can be used in services for children and families.

  • ART: Aggression Replacement Training
  • CORS: Crisis Oriented Recovery Services
  • CPP: Child-Parent Psychotherapy
  • FFT: Functional Family Therapy
  • IPT: Individual PsychoTherapy
  • IY: Incredible Years
  • MAP: Managing Adapting Practices
  • PATHS: Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies
  • PCIT: Parent Child Interactive Therapy
  • PPP: Positive Parenting Program
  • SS: Seeking Safety
  • TF-CBT: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy