Integrated Healthcare


Several years ago, the Clinics began successfully integrating the practice of mental health with treatment for substance abuse. The importance of addressing our consumers’ physical health concerns has also become evident for successful recovery. 

Numerous studies  have recently shown that the lifespan of persons with mental illness is about 25 years shorter than the average, mainly due to unaddressed physical ailments.  Linking its clients with assistance in accessing medical services and helping them become comfortable with managing their own healthcare needs has become a focus of the Clinics.  As the result of a three-year long Health Navigation study led by USC Social Work Professor and Clinics Board Member John Brekke, PhD, at Pacific Clinics Portals, an expanded pilot effort called Project Bridge began in the Clinics West Valley divisions in 2010.  It was facilitated by Dr. Brekke and Clinics management staff, and addresses the medical issues of additional clients with peer partners, case managers and other staff who have been trained to act as their Health Navigators.

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