Older Adults


Since the late 1980s, Pacific Clinics has taken the lead in evidence-based behavioral health services for older adults (60+), a growing population since people are living longer. It has traditionally been an overlooked or neglected area of treatment. Unrecognized depression, substance abuse, medication complications, elder abuse and illnesses that mask mental health conditions are typical challenges to the proper diagnosis and treatment for older adults.

Outpatient Services

A coordinated program of care that includes Pacific Clinics professionals, a consulting psychiatrist and social services helps engage older adults. Underlying conditions such as medical history, medication dosage, side effects of medications, and personal, family and cultural norms are addressed in the assessment of behavioral health situations.  The person’s physician is consulted as necessary and included in care planning; health navigation services are also available through Clinics peer partners and other staff to help older adult clients obtain needed medical services. The Pasadena Older Adult program, established in the 1980s, began serving San Gabriel Valley Area older adults by mobile outreach and continues to be an important element in serving the community’s older adults and their families as part of the Pasadena Family Services program.

In addition to providing services for the seriously and persistently mentally ill, Clinics Older Adult services were expanded in 2011 to provide “short-term” outpatient services for seniors and their caregivers through Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) funding. The PEI services are provided both in the office and in the field, utilizing a number of brief intervention models for the treatment of minor depression, anxiety and stress- related disorders.

MHSA Programs

Reaching out to ensure that clients aged 60 and older have access to new programs funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), staff provides intensive, field-based outreach services and treatment for mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse to older adults who may be housebound, at risk of homelessness, recently hospitalized, released from nursing homes or otherwise at risk or in need. (Pasadena, West Covina, Santa Fe Springs).

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Supportive Services

These include housing and employment services, transitional or long-term income benefits establishment related to level of need, and money management services. Consumers develop the practical skills and strengths essential to enhancing their recovery progress and regaining self-sufficiency. A more recent component is health integration services employing peer partners, case managers and nurses to assist clients in addressing and promoting overall wellness.

Multicultural and Inclusive Family Programs

Pacific Clinics’ multicultural, language-proficient staff is sensitive to different cultures in working with older adults and their families. In addition, Family Services/Centers provide support to families with older adults and caregiver resources in non-English languages such as Spanish, Armenian, and several Asian languages and dialects.

The Family Center approach is being implemented at several Pacific Clinics sites. When a family contacts Pacific Clinics for services, older adult members are included in a program of care coordinated by the same care manager. Families, caregivers, and significant others are integral to older adult care and essential for healing and recovery, whether they are biological, foster, extended, multi-generational or incorporate other caregivers. The goal is to interface the care of multigenerational family members with that of their loved ones and keep families together and as mentally healthy as possible.

Therefore, many of Pacific Clinics’ programs include family education and counseling components, with culturally appropriate programs for Asian, Latino, and Armenian families at our various locations. (Los Angeles County)

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