Transitional Age Youth (TAY)


On the street and out of options, homeless young adults (ages 16-26) can face a cold and dangerous life. Pacific Clinics reaches out to these TAY, particularly those with mental health and substance abuse problems, and does “whatever it takes” to get them on a healthier and more productive life path. 

Treatment Programs

Through programs funded by the Mental Health Services Act, Pacific Clinics’ multicultural staff provides field-based services and substance abuse/mental health treatment to young adults who are homeless, recently emancipated, recently incarcerated or otherwise at high risk.  Supportive services include housing and vocational services. (Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties)

Drop-In / Wellness Centers

TAY consumers are welcomed at our MHSA-funded Drop-In Centers. Funded by the Mental Health Services Act, programs engage homeless TAY on the streets, in parks, and even in jails.  Staff provides food, blankets, emergency housing, referrals and other services at youth-friendly drop-in centers, and generally does "whatever it takes" to assist these young adults.  These consumers may commit to participating in an assessment and treatment plan or intensive case management services. Either way, our staff helps them identify their goals and supports their achievement at their own pace. (Los Angeles, Ventura counties) 

For a brochure on our Los Angeles and Ventura TAY programs, click here

For a brochure on our Ventura County TAY programs, click here

Hestia House and Other Transitional Homes for Young Adults

Named after the goddess of the hearth, Pacific Clinics’ Hestia House in Pasadena is a sheltering place from life on the streets. The residents participate in counseling and treatment in various other clinical locations to overcome mental illness and addiction. Living in this new setting teaches residents to take responsibility for shaping their futures — often to pursue further education or gain employment.  The Clinics also operates five other transitional residences in the areas of San Gabriel Valley, Whittier and Los Angeles, including one that accommodates clients’ children.

LAHSA Housing Stabilization Project

Operated in conjunction with the Los Angeles Housing Services Administration, the TAY LAHSA Housing Stabilization Project is a recently developed Clinics program for young adults 18-21years old. This program provides housing and educational/employment assistance to LA County-area TAY who were formerly in the foster care or probation systems and are committed to furthering their education or becoming employed. 


Our TAY Programs...

greatly appreciate your donations or sponsorship of individuals – as well as contributions of blankets, clothing, food coupons, bus passes, movie tickets, hygiene items, computers, recreational equipment and household furnishings. To donate to our TAY programs now – please call (626) 254-5034.