A Joint Message | Impact Report 2019

A Joint Message

A Joint Message from the President & CEO and Board Chair:

Supporting Each Other As a Community

We are happy to share our impact report, Community Champions, with our clients, supporters and friends. It highlights the breadth and depth of the work that Pacific Clinics' caring staff members do each day. Thanks to their dedication, Pacific Clinics remains a leader in behavioral healthcare and early education, offering critical and often life-changing support to over 22,300 people across Southern California.

Being able to reach so many people is essential to our having a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve. But it is the stories of each individual that truly demonstrate how Pacific Clinics is able to meet the many different needs of the children and families who seek our aid.

The lives impacted by our services and staff are a testament to the strength of a caring community, as well as the resilience of those we serve, including people like:

  • Vanessa, who enrolled her children in our Head Start program, and benefited from mental health services for her and her family.
  • Zackery, who has forged a deep connection with his peer partner over a shared love of music.
  • Amy, who found gentle, caring support for herself and her sister.
  • Eletha, who was helped through a depressive disorder and into a life full of new and positive relationships.
  • And Sammie, whose creativity has flourished along with her own independence.

The journeys these community champions took were challenging. We are proud of Pacific Clinics' role in helping them overcome their challenges. We feel privileged to be able to assist people – from the very youngest to seniors in our communities – at times of great need and in ways that help them become self-sufficient and successful. We do this work while knowing we must remain dedicated stewards of our resources and of the safety and security of our clients and their families.

We want to thank you for your continued support of our work ensuring that everyone can reach their potential and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.