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What does foster-to-adopt mean?

Foster care adoption is the process of adopting a child from the foster care system, and assuming all rights and responsibilities for that child, as if he or she was your child by birth.

What type of children are available for foster care and adoption?

The majority of the children placed are over the age of three; a member of a sibling group (to be adopted together); a member of a racial or ethnic minority; from an adverse parental background; having behavioral or physical health problems; or any combination of these criteria. Although we do occasionally have infants placed in foster homes with the goal of adoption, this does not happen often. Only concurrent foster homes will be chosen by counties to care for infants.

What is concurrent planning?

Concurrent planning means that you are willing to take placement of a child who may be reunified with family, placed with a relative, or available to adopt. Usually the outcome for the child is not known at the time a child is placed in foster care. Being open to concurrent planning means that you will be willing to provide foster care to a child, regardless of his or her court plan. Many counties are setting a goal that every child that comes into foster care will be placed in a concurrent home. Young children who come into the foster care system are often placed in concurrent planning homes. It is important to note that many counties will not consider a family for placement of a concurrent planning child if the family does not have an approved, adoption-level home study.

How do I begin the adoption process?

The first step is to become certified as a resource parent. A resource parent is certified to provide foster care and to adopt the child(ren) in their care.

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How long does it take to have a child placed in my home?

There is no clear answer because there are so many factors involved. The more open your family is to age, sex, ethnicity, and siblings, the more children you will be able to consider for placement which will lead to a placement sooner.

How long does an adoption take?

Families who have children in placement can wait anywhere between six months to two years before an adoption is finalized.

What services are available to children and adoptive families?

All adopted foster children are eligible for the Adoption Assistance Program. It consists of Medi-Cal insurance and a monthly stipend (which is agreed upon between the family and the county social worker) to help with the expense of raising a child. For Pacific Clinics families this rate will most likely be lower than the foster care stipend. Most counties are aware that the trauma experienced by children does not simply disappear after the finalization hearing, and as a result, they have created post-adoption services to assist families in crisis or to find resources in the community for adopted children. In addition, Pacific Clinics has many in-home and mental health services that your children or family may be eligible for in your area. Post adoption support groups are also available for families that have adopted through Pacific Clinics.