Meet some of the people whose lives we’ve helped turn around.

  • Year after year they sought advice from one doctor after another, even some neurologists. Eventually, each doctor said they had done all they could.

  • After years of witnessing domestic violence in her home, Dominique and her half-sister were removed from their parents’ house after their mother took a baseball bat to Dominique’s father. Her sister was placed with her father in another state, while Dominique was placed in an emergency foster home.

  • After her mother passed away, Dora was angry and had difficulty processing her grief. After being referred to Uplift Family Services’, her treatment team knew Dora needed to build a strong support system.

  • Dylan was in danger of being sent to a group home, so the Department of Social Services (DSS) referred him to the Family Finding program at Uplift Family Services in hopes of finding him a permanent home with a family.

  • Following her parents’ alcohol-related, fatal car crash, Ebony moved in with her grandmother who loved her very much, but was frail and didn’t think she’d be able to care for Ebony much longer.

  • After losing both her parents, Elena’s older sister, Penelope, became the family’s primary caregiver. However, Penelope felt overwhelmed because of Elena’s anger issues.