The Los Angeles / South Coast Region includes services in San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Ventura County, Metro and South Los Angeles and our Hollygrove Campus in Hollywood.

Most individuals and families we serve do not have access to affordable quality services and have suffered traumatic experiences and the consequent struggles with substance abuse, domestic violence, and physical and mental illness.

We do whatever it takes to offer hope and heal individuals and families provided at home, at our sites, at school and in the community. With over 100 programs offered in this expansive region, we offer a continuum of services for all ages, including behavioral health treatment, including programs that are culturally responsive such as the Asian Pacific Family Center and Hye-Wrap. We also offer substance use disorder services, wellness services, housing, employment, transitional age youth drop-in programs, early education through Head Start, school-based and other programs for youth and families, including Camp Hollygrove and continuing adult education through the Pacific Clinics Training Institute and the Recovery Education Institute.

This region offers the following services: