PCTI Course

Family Health Navigator Certification Training Program (#2115-R)

The County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health MHSA Workforce Education and Training Division invites eligible agencies to nominate participants to attend the Family Health Navigator Certification Training Program led by Pacific Clinics Training Institute (PCTI). We invite you to take advantage of this FREE training opportunity and nominate at least 2-3 individuals from your site.

The Pacific Clinics Family Health Navigator Certification Training Program has been tailored for individuals in the behavioral health workforce, providing specific resources and interventions for the population served and best practices within the behavioral health field. In this training, participants will become familiar with the critical role that Family Health Navigation plays in providing integrated services that address the health needs of both the child and the family as a whole. Pacific Clinics Family Health Navigation (FHN) is an approach to working with parents and caregivers that addresses both the mental health and physical health of families. This approach focuses on prevention, early intervention and self-management skill building in working with families. The model includes skill building in the areas of communication, coping, health literacy, and parenting skills as well as education in behavioral health and physical health areas. Since a family's culture and beliefs have an impact on health practices, the role of culture will be explored. The goal is to help families learn to identify early signs of behavioral/emotional problems in their child, increase their health literacy skills, access mental health treatment and to develop the skills needed to successfully navigate the healthcare system.

How It Works

  • Supervisors must complete an online nomination for each person they are recommending
  • A committee will review and select nominees based on the information submitted

Who Can Participate

  • Nominee must be in a peer/paraprofessional level position such as: Family Advocate, Peer Partner, Peer Advocate, Case Manager, Community Worker, Recovery Coach, Community Care Coordinator and Wellness Outreach Worker or similar position
  • Must be employed by a DMH Directly Operated Site or a Contract Providers
  • This training does not qualify for Head Start employees

Participation Requirements:

  • Nominee must be employed to work directly with Children and/or Family population
  • Must have a DMH Background Clearance Badge or Background Clearance confirmation from the DMH Contract Provider Agency; Must meet all the background clearance requirements to work with mental health consumers and be in good standing with the nominating agency
  • Nominee must have direct access to providing direct services to mental health consumers
  • Nominee must have a consumer caseload
  • Nominee must have access to consumer records and be a part of a multidisciplinary team that provides mental health services to consumers in a behavioral healthcare clinic
  • Participant and Supervisors must attend all scheduled training dates
  • Post training completion training participants need to be able to implement the techniques learned and complete a competency checklist to complete the certification process
  • Post the in-classroom training completion, participants must partake in the coaching sessions and complete a competency implementation survey within a 4-month period  

Selection Process

  • Only 40 slots available – please submit nominations early
  • A committee will review and select participants based on the information submitted


  • FREE to LACDMH Directly Operated Sites and Contract Providers employees 


Instructors: Rose Lopez, PhD

Pacific Clinics Training Institute
2471 E. Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 91107  

Training Dates:

11/12/2019, 9:30am - 11:30am – Supervisor Orientation
                    1:30pm - 3:30pm – Participant Orientation 

11/18, 11/19, 11/21, 11/22/2019, 9:00am – 4:00pm – Participant 4-Day Training

12/12, 1/16/2020 and 1/30/2020 Participant Coaching Session (2 hrs. each) 

1/14/2020 1 Supervisor Implementation Meeting (2 hrs.)