Rachel Scarlett


Rachel Scarlett is a founding member of the Associate Board at Pacific Clinics. With over a decade of business development experience, Rachel is proud to use her skills to bring awareness to the mission of Pacific Clinics and is dedicated to advancing this cause because she believes that advocating for mental health is crucial in creating a more resilient and self-sufficient society. Rachel has developed a strong sense of devotion to the non-profit sector through 15 years of philanthropy, fundraising, and volunteer experience.

An alum of UC Santa Barbara, Rachel earned her BS in Political Science and later earned her MBA in International Business at St. Mary’s University in London. Her passion for the ever-evolving landscapes of finance and tech led her to work at AlphaSense, where she serves as Vice President of Business Development. This role allows her to advance client goals and solve complex business problems by helping her clients gain an information edge through the discovery of critical data points and trends that others miss.

Originally a Palm Springs, CA native, she’s also lived in a diverse slew of countries including Italy, Thailand, and London. In her free time, Rachel enjoys riding her Peloton, practicing yoga, hosting dinner parties, hiking with her Bernadoodle Willis, reading, and spending quality time with her friends and family.