School Based Intervention Team (SBIT) Services

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Pacific Clinics’ School-Based Intervention Teams (SBIT) offer a full continuum of multi-tiered programs and services for educators and students in general and special education. Services are available year-long, across settings.

The SBIT team can work alongside district staff with the implementation of social emotional curriculum (SEL), teaching school-wide expectations and rules across settings, and implementing school-wide reinforcement systems.

This collaboration ensures that a student’s academic, behavioral, attendance and/or health needs are being met in school to ensure a successful educational experience. Services implemented by the SBIT workforce are developmentally appropriate and evidence based. We apply function-based strategies to achieve positive educational and social-emotional outcomes.

Tiered services

  • Tier I: designed to prevent the development of new problem behaviors.
  • Tier II: focuses on supports and early intervention for students identified through needs assessments as at-risk for mental health concerns
  • Tier III: provides highly individualized, targeted and intense/focused supports to students with serious problem behaviors who do not respond to Tier II interventions
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Request Professional Development for Teachers and School Employees

Are you a teacher or school employee seeking professional development opportunities in mental health?

Pacific Clinics is a leading behavioral health, mental health and foster care agency in California. We work with school administrators and districts providing professional development opportunities to learn how they can support the youth in their classes and in the community.

The areas of professional development that we offer are stress management, substance use, parenting and mental health.

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SBIT Call Center line:  1-800-676-3397

Statewide Contact: Lacey Castellese, M.A., LMFT #101982
Director Education Services

Los Angeles Contact: Armando Ruan, LMFT #86372
Clinical Associate Director

Bay Area Contact: Deanna Aguas M.Ed, BCBA, #1-19-35840
Clinical Associate Director

This service is available in the following region(s):