Asha experienced multiple foster home placements, but at 15 years old, her foster parents became her legal guardians. Though Asha loved her new family, she approached her mom for help because she was still feeling mad and lonely all the time, questioning if she could trust anyone, and locking herself in her bathroom with headphones on to isolate herself.

Asha was quickly referred to Uplift Family Services’ FIT program, and through therapy, she was able to develop skills to manage depressive symptoms and reduce her instinct to suppress feelings. A Youth Peer Mentor also helped her fill out college and financial aid applications and obtain her driver’s license.

Today, Asha is attending a local community college, with aspirations of going to veterinary school. Asha proudly admits, “I’m finally in a place where I feel I can be independent and feel confident in myself, and have learned to trust people in my life.”