Transforming California’s System of Care for 150 Years

Pacific Clinics has evolved over 150 years to deliver the most visionary behavioral health services to California’s children and their families. We began in 1867 as Eastfield Home of Benevolence, a San Jose orphanage, and Ming Quong Home, an orphanage for neglected and abandoned Chinese girls. In 1880, Hollygrove was founded in downtown Los Angeles as the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society.

Today, we are one of the most comprehensive, innovative, family-centered treatment programs providing services to more than 35,000 children and their families annually throughout 12 counties in California.


1867 Eastfield Home of Benevolence founded in San Jose.
1874 Presbyterian Mission Home founded in San Francisco.
1880 Hollygrove founded in downtown Los Angeles as the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society.
1910 Hollygrove moves to its current location in Hollywood.
1935 Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) comes to live at Hollygrove. Ming Quong opens another orphanage for younger girls in the hills of Los Gatos.
1950s Hollygrove provides residential services for abused and neglected children removed from their families by court order.
1953 Ming Quong enrolls boys and needy children of all races and becomes independent of the Presbyterian Church.
1987 Eastfield & Ming Quong merge (Eastfield Ming Quong), later to be called EMQ Children & Family Services.
1994 EMQ launches California’s first Wraparound program (in partnership with the county departments of Social Services, Juvenile Probation and Mental Health).
1999 EMQ acquires San Jose-based child sexual abuse treatment pioneer Giarretto Institute and begins providing Wraparound services in the Sacramento area.
2002 EMQ expands into Southern California, opening a Wraparound program in San Bernardino County.
2004 Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63) passes in California making Wraparound available to children.
2005 Hollygrove closes its residential program to concentrate on community-based mental health services.
2006 Hollygrove and EMQ merge.
2009 EMQ and FamiliesFirst merge to create EMQ FamiliesFirst. CEO Jerry Doyle retires after 39 years and Darrell Evora is named CEO & President.
2016 EMQ FamiliesFirst becomes Uplift Family Services.
2017 We celebrate our 150th anniversary.
2021 CEO Darrell Evora retires and Kathryn McCarthy is named CEO & President.
2022 Uplift Family Services and Pacific Clinics merge to be one Pacific Clinics.