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What types of services do you offer?2022-09-09T09:51:24-07:00
What funding does Pacific Clinics accept?2022-09-09T10:02:55-07:00


  • Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Chapter 26.5
  • Family Preservation
  • STOP funding
  • Kaiser, only in our short-term 24/7 Residential program
How do I access these sources of funding?2022-09-09T09:53:35-07:00


  • Call your county Mental Health Department to find out how to access Medi-Cal and Healthy Families funding.
  • Family Preservation Funds are accessed through your child’s social worker.
  • Chapter 26.5 funding is accessed through the school district. The first step is to request an IEP meeting in writing to the school principal of your child’s school.
Is a referral necessary to obtain services?2022-09-09T09:54:06-07:00

Children are referred to Uplift Family Services’ services by various sources. Referral sources include:

  • County Department of Social Services
  • County Department of Mental Health
  • County Probation Department
  • Private mental health agencies
  • Managed care companies
  • Medical primary care physicians
  • Schools
  • Law enforcement

For some services, patients and families can self refer. For more information, check the individual service descriptions under Services or contact Uplift Family Services’ Client Services at (408) 379-3796.

What age population does Pacific Clinics serve?2022-09-09T10:03:20-07:00


  • As a Foster Care and Adoption Services Agency, we serve ages birth to 17 years.
  • Ages accepted by Uplift Family Services programs vary, depending on the program.

Learn more about our services.

Can my child be seen right away?2022-09-09T09:55:28-07:00

If your child is suicidal or in acute crisis, you can call our 24-hour Crisis Services at (877) 41-CRISIS (412‑7474) and consult with an Uplift Family Services staff person. Otherwise, all referrals must go through the referral process, which varies depending on the program.

Does Pacific Clinics provide drug treatment or classes?2022-09-09T10:03:40-07:00

Uplift Family Services provides Addiction Prevention Services in Santa Clara County only. Uplift Family Services does not provide drug or alcohol treatment.

How do I access Wraparound services for my child?2022-09-09T09:56:29-07:00

Social Workers, Probation Officers, and County Mental Health Workers initiate the referral process for this service.

How do I access school-based services for my child?2022-09-09T09:57:38-07:00

The child’s parent can contact the school district Special Education Department requesting information on Special Day Class with a therapeutic component or Day Treatment. This may lead you to Uplift Family Services’ school-based services OR another agency that is contracted with your particular school district.

How do I access 24/7 care (Residential) for my child?2022-09-09T09:58:08-07:00

Social Workers, Probation Officers, and County Mental Health Workers initiate the referral process for this service.

Does Pacific Clinics provide medication services?2022-09-09T10:04:04-07:00

The child must be enrolled in another Uplift Family Services program in order to access medication services at Uplift Family Services. For example, an outpatient therapist would consult with the psychiatrist regarding the need for medication. Read our medication policy.

How can I volunteer?2022-09-09T10:00:13-07:00

There are many one-time and ongoing activities that make it possible for you and Uplift Family Services to help more children in your local community. Read more about volunteering opportunities.

Please tell me your address, other locations, and directions.2022-09-09T10:00:54-07:00

Pacific Clinics is headquartered in Campbell, with five regional offices and services in over 30 counties throughout California.

How do I find out what jobs are available?2022-09-09T10:01:35-07:00

Pacific Clinics employees are hard working professionals who value different experiences and backgrounds, support each other, and are interested in making a positive difference in the lives of children and families. We are always looking for talented, energetic and enthusiastic people to join us. Search job openings.

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