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Employment Services

Pacific Clinics helps clients achieve a more meaningful life – a critical component to recovery from mental illness – with job training, placement, and retention support.

For over 25 years, Pacific Clinics’ Employment Services program has worked with clients to build their confidence in their own ability to hold down a job and to provide them with assistance to obtain and maintain a job that matches their interests, skills, and abilities.

The majority of individuals who receive Employment Services have a diagnosis of mental illness. Many also have a co-occurring substance use disorder, a history of homelessness, and/or have been incarcerated.

Through funding provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and the State Department of Rehabilitation, Pacific Clinics provides a complete range of employment services. Pacific Clinics ensures that clients, no matter where they may be in their recovery from mental illness, are able to explore the world of work and to begin setting goals that will eventually lead to a more meaningful life. The evidenced-based model of supported employment is utilized throughout the agency.

The phases of employment services offered include:

  • Pre-employment: Clients are provided with an opportunity to explore the concerns that arise about work such as identification of skills, resume development, assertiveness, and grooming.
  • Employee development/work adjustment: Clients who choose to participate in this phase prepare to move into employment by seeking volunteer or paid transitional positions within Pacific Clinics.
  • Job development, placement, and retention: In this phase in the program, clients work one-on-one with a job developer to complete applications, practice interviewing skills, develop resumes, find job opportunities, and secure placement.
  • Ongoing support and career development: Once placed in a competitive job, clients receive ongoing support to ensure that they are able to maintain their employment successfully. The final element of the program is available to clients who wish to advance beyond their current position or end their job on a positive note to seek a better career.

In addition to job training, placement and retention support, Employment Services prepares job candidates for success by providing them access to a professional wardrobe for interviews, bus fare for transportation to and from job interviews, and more.

Clients may enter the program at any phase based on their individual stage of recovery, needs, and interests.

A critical component of the Employment Services program—addressed throughout all phases—is benefits counseling. In order to overcome their fears of working and the potential of losing their benefits, clients must continually be educated regarding how their earnings will impact benefits eligibility.

For further information regarding Pacific Clinic’s Employment Services Program please contact us via email at EmploymentDepartment@pacificclinics.org or by phone at 626-802-0081.