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Homeless and Housing Services

As one of the largest nonprofit providers of mental health services in Los Angeles County, Pacific Clinics recognized the opportunity to reach out to serve the mentally ill homeless population starting in 2005.

We understand that stable housing is a critical component in the recovery and wellness process. With stable housing, clients are less stressed, have a consistent place to be contacted (which facilitates regular treatment appointments), and are better situated to focus on their treatment.

We conduct outreach and engagement to homeless mentally ill individuals, provide temporary housing or housing support services, assist clients in securing permanent housing (including application and documentation completion and security deposit assistance), and help clients build the independent living skills needed to maintain permanent housing.

Our Housing Department staff work closely with our clinical team to offer integrated counseling and treatment services to treat their mental illnesses and co-occurring substance use or other medical issues, as well as targeted case management to connect clients with income resources.

You can help make a client’s transition into their new home more comfortable by donating cash or in-kind supplies (such as furniture, appliances, or hygiene supplies) to the Housing Department. Please call  (626) 463-1021 to coordinate a donation.