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Substance Use Treatment

An estimated 50-60% of people with mental illness also have a co-occurring substance use disorder (also known as a Dual Diagnosis). They may try to self-medicate with alcohol or other substances in order to improve the symptoms of their mental illness, when in reality using alcohol or other drugs worsens these symptoms. Using or abusing substances can negatively impact health, basic functioning, job performance, ability to socialize, and even cause death.

Pacific Clinics offers integrated substance use treatment and mental health treatment to treat this dual condition. Our certified Chemical Dependency Counselors work with our trained mental health professionals to help clients replace substance use with healthy coping strategies.

Pacific Clinics became a Certified Substance Abuse provider in 2000, and today we offer integrated substance use and mental health outpatient treatment, as well as individual, family and group counseling. We are piloting the use of medication-assisted treatment, including Vivitrol. To prevent relapse in more intensive cases, we provide aftercare services to support recovery maintenance.

Services are available to youth, adults and older adults.

If you or someone you love need substance addiction recovery services, call (877) PC-CARES (722-2737) to speak with a specialist who will link you to the best clinic for you.