H2O Donates 170,000 Masks to Help Keep Employees and Clients Safe

With the ever-increasing number of new COVID cases, the pandemic is far from over. Thanks to a generous donation from the Human Health Organization (H20) and its Chief Operating Officer Chris Debiec, our agency will have an additional supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The gift to Pacific Clinics and Uplift Family Services continues H20’s humanitarian work responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the organization’s focus has been on the film industry, a natural fit for H20 as their chief executive officer was John David Cameron, the younger brother of filmmaker James Cameron.

John David Cameron initially established H20 with a goal to end smoking and living healthier by investing in products and education in all parts of the world. When the coronavirus began spreading, Cameron and Debiec shifted their attention to helping the film industry – and keeping its many workers employed and safe. The first film crews who received PPE and COVID-19 tests worked on James Cameron’s Avatar sequels in New Zealand. “The crews were grateful,” Debiec says. “They were able to continue working.”

The duo quickly realized that PPE was only part of what was needed and worked with medical professionals to purchase and administer COVID-19 tests, providing them at a reduced cost to different movie studios. For months during the pandemic, Debiec worked seven days a week, often upwards of 18 hours a day, while testing between 10 and 12 film crews daily.

Sadly, in October 2020, John David Cameron passed away. “John’s dream was to help people, and I am his disciple,” Debiec says. And so, he is focused on carrying forward his friend’s vision of helping the world.

Part of that work is coming as John David Cameron’s estate is liquidated, and unused items are donated to organizations like Pacific Clinics and Uplift Family Service. The donation, valued at $35,000, includes 132,000 adult surgical masks, 33,000 children’s surgical masks, 4,800 KN95 masks and 50 face shields.