A Happy Hollygrove Announcement

We are excited to announce that we have changed the name of our Los Angeles Region community wellness department to “Hollygrove! The Hollygrove name is historic and we are excited to find a new way to honor its legacy. Read on to learn more about our history.

Our rich history has shaped who we are today…

Our Los Angeles history begins in 1880, when an orphanage operated by the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society was founded in downtown Los Angeles. In 1912, the home moved to a 3.5-acre property in the heart of Hollywood, where we are located to this day. One of the children who benefited from our care was Norma Jean Baker, long before she became known as the International icon, Marilyn Monroe.

In 1957, with the advent of residential treatment services across the country, the name was changed to Hollygrove Home for Children. For the next 50 years, the home became a well-respected place for foster children to live and receive needed services.

In 2006, Hollygrove merged with Uplift Family Services and made a shift to community-based care. Across California, Uplift Family Services is a leader in providing wraparound and critical behavioral health services. In the Los Angeles area, we provide an array of services, from prevention to intensive mental health treatment, to 2,500 children and their family members each year.

While we will always continue to innovate to provide the best possible care, we deeply value our history and community roots. To preserve the legacy of the name, “Hollygrove” will now serve as the umbrella name for all our privately funded programs including Hollygrove Haven (formerly called Endless Summer), Camp Hollygrove, and Parent Institute. We believe that, while we have evolved over time, the Hollygrove name should live on through these life-changing programs.

Today, Our Hollygrove Programs…

  • Include privately funded services that enhance community wellness in our community
  • Are designed to strengthen both children and their parents by enriching knowledge, supporting skill development, and building lifetime emotional bonds
  • Extend the reach of our publicly funded programs
  • Seek to address the needs of the family before problems take hold
  • Are offered at no charge to our families

To learn more in depth information about Hollygrove Haven (formerly Endless Summer), Camp Hollygrove, and Parent Institute, click here.

We Need Your Help

By making a donation to Uplift Family Services, you can help make a measurable and lasting difference for children who have experienced adverse childhood trauma such as neglect, exposure to violence, drug or alcohol addiction, or have been separated from their families.

Donate Now

Your tax-deductible donation will help:

  • Provide essential food, clothing and house-hold items for children whose parents are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Provide parents and other caregivers with the skills, support, and resources needed to help them create healthy relationships, and a safe and secure home life to support the growth and development of their children.
  • Fund crucial programs that keep families together while they recover from difficult and traumatic circumstances.