How Therapists Decompress

As essential workers, it’s critical to practice self-care and wellness to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. We may be feeling especially overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. After endless hours of supporting consumers, colleagues and others, it’s only necessary to care for yourself. Below are ways our clinicians are taking care of themselves throughout the pandemic.

Joana Garcia, Associate Divisional Director
“I’ve been bingeing on some good docu-series, running, and practicing yoga. I highly recommend yoga or meditation right now to drown out the outside noise.”

Guadalupe Garfias, Program Director
“There are a couple of different things that I’ve been doing to ground me and that bring me joy in these times. I have been cooking wholesome foods (mostly vegetarian and vegan foods). I have been planting and gardening – this is a new hobby for me. But what I love most is doing yoga on my balcony using the Down Dog app.”

Audrey Read Brown, Clinical Director
“During the pandemic I have been enjoying daily hikes in my neighborhood where I savor the smog-free views of the downtown skyline.”

Janet Fonseca, Clinical Team Supervisor
“Just trying to do all my jobs all at the same time sort of speak (supervisor, toddler mom, wife, cleaning lady!). But feeling grateful to be able to help flatten the curve and continue to work with our TAY.”

As professionals who encourage and emphasize self-care and wellness, recognize and strive to make your self-care and wellness a priority. Caring for yourself comes in multiple forms, for some it may include finding a hobby, exercising, or recognizing the sense of gratitude you may be feeling. Based on the responses from our clinicians, there is no one way to care for yourself as long as you find time to seek enjoyment.

For self-care tips and ways to help your team, read Forbes recent article “5 Ways to Appreciate Yourself During the Coronavirus Crisis”.

Now, go take a virtual yoga class, start a gratitude journal and dig into a great read.