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Our community impact report, Community Champions, presents the work Pacific Clinics’ employees and consumers have done together during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The theme of community champions was chosen because there is a community behind each champion highlighted in the report that supports, uplifts and motivates. Learn more about the community we serve and the champions who we are privileged to know and work with.

Table of Contents

Words from our CEO and Board Chair

Defining our Commitment

How We Help the Community

A Look Behind the Work

Voices of our Champions

Executive and Senior Management Team

Careful Management of Resources

Those who Champion our Cause

A Glance Into Programs

Download a printable version here.

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Annual Impact Reports

Pacific Clinics has proudly served the community since 1926. Each year, we reflect on the accomplishments of our dedicated staff, the stories of clients who have achieved wellness and recovery, and the support of generous donors, funders, and partners. View our annual community impact reports below.

If you're inspired by our clients and the staff who help them get better and stay better, please consider supporting our work by making a donation.

Advances Magazine

Highlighting the Innovative Programs and Experts that Transform Lives

Pacific Clinics constantly innovates to meet the emerging needs of the many communities we serve by creating and improving programs that are culturally and linguistically tailored. It's part of our commitment to providing high quality, integrated care. Advances magazine highlights the programs and experts that help our clients lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

If you're inspired by our clients and the staff who help them get better and stay better, please consider supporting our work by making a donation.

Programs For Clients

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Find mental health, substance use treatment, and support services available in multiple languages. Our highly trained, licensed staff serve children, youth, transitional age youth, families, adults, and older adults who are Medi-Cal eligible.

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Pacific Clinics supports individuals and families in over 50 locations across Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. Contact us to start your journey to recovery today.

Give Hope

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Read about our clients’ journeys to recovery, and the programs and staff who transform lives.

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Make a fulfilling career move to deliver innovative culturally and linguistically appropriate programs. We offer competitive nonprofit salaries, benefits, and professional development through our Pacific Clinics Training Institute.

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Your support changes the lives of over 22,500 people across Southern California annually. Thank you for helping people with mental illness achieve fuller, healthier lives!