A Joint Message from the CEO and Board Chair:

Supporting Each Other As a Community

We are very pleased to share Pacific Clinics’ impact report, Building Hope Together, with our clients, friends and generous supporters. It details the collective work of our diverse employees, board members and community partners during an extraordinary time of crisis that raised the urgent need for our behavioral health care services to unprecedented levels.

The coronavirus pandemic also has made clear what those working on the front lines of mental health and early education have long known: these programs are essential to not just the well-being of families, individuals and young children but also to the health and stability of our economy and communities.

The many stresses and challenges of the past year demanded the broad range of individualized services that Pacific Clinics is uniquely able to provide.

As the stories highlighted here show, Pacific Clinics’ dedicated employees met these challenges every day while adjusting to the changes in how they work and support their clients. Among those we have served are:

  • Alana, who is learning about herself and how to love herself through our peer support groups
  • Alex, who has benefitted from taking part in our Recovery Education Institute
  • Helen, who found meaningful employment through our Employment Services program
  • Oteka, who developed important new work skills in our Training Institute
  • Harlan, who received housing assistance

Each has taken brave and life-changing steps, and we are proud that Pacific Clinics continues to serve Southern California with the highest impact behavioral health, employment services and early education programs.

With our health care system and the families that Pacific Clinics serves experiencing multiple stressors and challenges during the past year, your continued support has never been more valuable and appreciated. You helped ensure more than 15,000 people received the mental and behavioral care they needed, not just in a time of crisis but as the start of their journey to wellness.