Our Mission:

Building on people’s strengths, we deliver quality behavioral and mental healthcare services.

Established in 1926, Pacific Clinics is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals, families, and communities through behavioral health services, early education and training. With operations at over 50 locations and 325 schools across Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Clara and Ventura counties, we offer hope to more than 15,000 individuals annually to address trauma and life challenges through our comprehensive health services, case management, health navigation, early and continuing education, housing support and employment assistance.

Our Values


We exist as an organization to assure that individuals and families reach the highest level of functioning and the best quality of life possible for them.


We celebrate diversity and respect cultural differences.


We ensure that consumers are always our first priority.


We involve consumers, family members and others significant to them in the review and evaluation of our programs and services.


We engage consumers, their families, and others significant in their lives as partners in treatment.


We acknowledge and support our employees as our most valuable assets.