Operation No Wrong Door Offers Support to Teens and Young Adults Using Opioids and Stimulants.

Free and Effective Treatment Solutions For Santa Clara County Residents

Tens of thousands of teens and young adults die from opioid and stimulant-related overdoses in the U.S. every year – many of who had untreated or undiagnosed mental illness.

Operation No Wrong Door aims to provide much-needed resources and treatment to youth and families in need throughout Santa Clara County. A community-based program, Operation No Wrong Door offers treatment, screening services and prevention and education programs to support teens and young adults on their road to recovery.

Get Help from Operation No Wrong Door NOW!

If your child or a teen under your care or supervision, is using opioids or stimulants, contact us at 408-876-4284 for more information or email us at CCBHC@pacificclinics.orgOperation No Wrong Door will contact you to discuss program details and outline your options.

Resources for At-Risk Teens + Young Adults

Collectively administered by a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) comprised of Pacific Clinics, School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County, and Pacific ClinicsOperation No Wrong Door provides at-risk youth with free and effective treatment options and support services, including:

Drop-In Center in San Jose
Hope Drop-In Center

The Hope Drop-in Center serves the residents of Santa Clara County and is your primary point of contact with Operation No Wrong Door. In this safe space, teens and young adults can utilize the multimedia center, laundry facilities, computer lab, participate in peer-led group activities, be screened for opiate and stimulant use, connect with a therapist and much more.

Opiate Misuse Screenings
Screening Services

Are you concerned your child or a teen in your care is using opiates or stimulants? Free, confidential drug screening services are available. Screening helps guide decisions about treatment options.

Child and Teen Counseling for Stimulant Misuse

We offer free counseling to address their substance use and tackle the underlying emotional issues driving the destructive behaviors.

Medication Assisted Therapy for Teens and Young Adults
Medication Assisted Therapy

In some cases, teens and young adults need medication to either curb their substance use or address underlying mental health issues. In these circumstances, Operation No Wrong Door can provide both physical and mental health assistance.

For more program details – Contact us at 408-876-4284 for more information or email us at CCBHC@pacificclinics.org. Operation No Wrong Door will contact you to discuss treatment options.

Substance Use Disorder Education and Prevention Programs

In addition to treatment opportunities and screening services, Operation No Wrong Door hosts substance use awareness and prevention programs online and at drop-in sites, schools, and other community-based venues throughout Santa Clara County. Programs include:

Substance Abuse Awareness Training
Educational Seminars

In-person and webinar presentations educate students on the dangers of opiate and stimulant use and offer practical substance use avoidance tactics.

Substance Abuse Educational Seminars
Awareness Training

In-person and webinar presentations educate parents, caregivers, and school staff on identifying teen opiate and stimulant use and offer strategies to address this behavior and propose treatment.

Youth Leadership Initiatives

By promoting youth leadership, Operation No Wrong Door seeks to empower teens and young adults to educate their peers on the dangers of opiate and stimulant misuse and support them in seeking treatment.

For more on Operation No Wrong Door’s educational programs and treatment options, contact us at 408-876-4284 for more information or email us at CCBHC@pacificclinics.org.

About Operation No Wrong Door Partners

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Pacific Clinics is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals, families, and communities through behavioral health services, early education, and training. Offering hope to individuals to address trauma and life challenges through our comprehensive health services, case management, health navigation, early and continuing education, housing support and employment assistance.

School Based Services -

School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County is a medical care organization that provides physical exams, monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases, preventative care, diagnostic lab tests, behavioral health services, and medication assisted treatment.

yor california logo with people silhouettesThis service is supported by a federal grant under the State Opioid Response program, with funding provided by the California Department of Health Care Services.