Program Spotlight: Outpatient Continuum of Care

Outpatient Continuum of Care (OPC) is the merging of Pacific Clinics’ Family Therapeutic Services (FTS) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) into an outpatient continuum of care. Each program has their strengths – FTS is strong in their clinical practice, providing therapeutic interventions through individual, family and group therapy, while IOP draws strength from their team approach treatment, providing both therapeutic interventions and behavioral support along with crisis intervention and Child and Family Team Facilitation. Both teams have the ability for clients to access medication support services and case management support. This new, combined program gives clients and families easy, flexible and consistent access to care when they come to Pacific Clinics for services.

This means the client and family can come in needing therapy once a week, then either transition to medication management when they have met their therapeutic goals or receive more frequent therapy if circumstances shift and their needs become greater. This continuum allows clients and their families to access a different level of services without having to be referred to another program or provider. Overall, the average length of stay for a client is around 18 months, with services ranging from 2-8 hours per month.

As the transition to OPC continues into 2023, FTS and IOP will share Family Specialists, who will work under both programs depending on the needs of the clients and their families. The managers of both programs will also meet regularly. The vision is for each program’s uniqueness to be seen while being able to provide easy and consistent access to services for clients and families alike.