Senator President pro Tem Steinberg Leaves Legacy for Children

California Senator Darrell Steinberg (Capital Region) interviewed this week on public radio and reflected on his six years as President pro Tem.

At minute 21:25, he talks about important areas of public policy that “rarely rise to the top of the political pop charts” but we know have been areas the senator has passionately supported. Under his leadership, California has supported mental health funding, important foster care legislation and, most recently, insurance coverage and upcoming Medi-Cal coverage for children to receive autism services.

As his term draws to a close, we celebrate what Senator Steinberg has done for California’s children and families. And we’ll end with this quote from the interview. Reflecting on years he served during financially difficult times, he said:

“You know, somebody once said to me that it’s much more fun to serve during good times, but it may be more important to serve during the tough times.”