Transitional Housing Program

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About Crossroads TAY

Crossroads TAY is a partner program with the One-Stop Service Centers throughout Tulare County dedicated to meeting the needs of Transitional Age Youth (18-24 year olds) with mental health needs and other complex challenges. Crossroads employees welcome youth who have co-occurring mental health and substance use issues and work closely with them to provide stability while supporting them towards wellness, recovery and independence.

Equipping Youth for Independence

All young people entering Crossroads TAY are given their own room in a shared two-bedroom, one bath apartment. Apartments come fully furnished with all the basic necessities of living so youth can focus on their wellness and recovery. Crossroads employees offer regular life skills workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions around issues and topics fundamental to successful independent living.

  • Budgeting and money management
  • Being a good roommate and neighbor
  • Making good choices about substance use
  • Developing skills to manage emotions and mental health symptoms
  • Food, nutrition and cooking
  • Health and hygiene
  • Relationships and interpersonal communication
  • Setting and achieving personal goals
  • Developing positive school and work habits

In addition, the Crossroads team helps our community partners understand the sensitivity required in working with youth by providing trauma-informed care to appropriately treat multiple needs.

Giving Young People the Tools They Need

The Crossroads team honors the youth’s stage of readiness for change and to provide appropriate support in achieving their goals. All young people enrolled in Crossroads receive the following support as they move toward independence:

  • Stage-matched interventions for complex needs and co-occurring disorders
  • Time-limited supportive housing
  • On-site case management services
  • Encouragement accountability for treatment follow through
  • Like skills training and education
  • Linkage to community resources: Food stamps, Social Security, education and employment, career exploration, substance abuse treatment, medical treatment, legal services and recreational activities

Program Eligibility

Crossroads is open to young people ages 18-24 who are struggling with severe, persistent and complex mental health needs (including co- occurring substance use challenges) and are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

Contact Info

Tino Lucero, Program Supervisor Office: (559) 735-0927
Cell: (559) 909-4472


Youth can be referred in three ways:

  1. By the local One Stop where they receive mental health services or other mental health services agencies listed below:
    • North County One-Stop, Visalia – (559) 627-2046
    • Visalia Adult Integrated Clinic – (559) 623-0900
    • South County Kingsview One-Stop, Porterville – (559) 784-0312
    • Porterville Adult Clinic – (559) 788-1200
    • Central One-Stop – (559) 687-0893
  2. By a third-party (Community Partner Agency)
  3. Through self-referral by calling (559) 735-0927 or (559) 909-4472

This service is available in the following region(s):