Anthony & Isaiah

After years of witnessing their parents’ abusive relationship, 12-year-old Anthony became violent and had daily meltdowns, while his younger brother, Isaiah, became extremely withdrawn as a result of his brother’s extreme behavior and bullying. Eventually, the boys moved in with their aunt, Alice, who was granted legal guardianship. She loved the boys like sons, but felt overwhelmed.

At one point, Anthony made up an extreme story to seek attention, and CPS referred them to Uplift Family Services. They immediately had a medical review and started receiving intense in-home behavioral support. Alice says, “the staff taught the boys how to communicate and play again, and they customized parenting approaches to our unique situation. It was very effective!” Today, Anthony continues to receive services and is doing well. Isaiah recently graduated from the program and is an outgoing high school sophomore who plays football and has ambitions to become a teacher one day.