After two years in foster care due to severe neglect at home, four-year-old Cassandra was able to be reunified with her mother. However, due to her early trauma, she had aggressive and dangerous behaviors including pulling out chunks of her hair and using profane and sexually explicit language. Her mother was elated to have Cassandra back, but also felt incredibly isolated as she was still newly in recovery from alcoholism, and the pair lived in an apartment complex that experienced regular crime.

After being referred to Uplift Family Services, Cassandra’s team got to work providing much-needed services, including parenting classes, access to a food bank and AA meetings, relocation to a safer neighborhood, and trauma-informed therapy. One year later, at their last session, Cassandra’s mother proudly reports feeling confident in her ability to provide for Cassandra’s needs, and reflected fondly upon the strong bond she has developed with her daughter.