After years of witnessing domestic violence in her home, Dominique and her half-sister were removed from their parents’ house after their mother took a baseball bat to Dominique’s father. Her sister was placed with her father in another state, while Dominique was placed in an emergency foster home, then a group home, where she remained for six years.

When she was finally referred to Uplift Family Services’ Matrix program, she mentioned how much she missed her sister, so her Family Finding team tracked down her sister’s father, John. He was ecstatic to receive the call, and during their first visit, her Matrix team observed the sisters to be “two peas in a pod, giggling incessantly”.

After more supported visits, John decided to become a certified foster parent so Dominique could come live at the family’s home. He’s now in the final stages of adopting Dominique, while she recently obtained her GED and is starting college in the fall, where she plans to study Nursing.