After her mother passed away, Dora was angry and had difficulty processing her grief. Unable to cope with her trauma in a healthy way, Dora attempted to set fire to her family home.

After being released from a juvenile detention center, her probation officer referred her to Uplift Family Services’ Wraparound program. Her treatment team knew Dora needed to build a strong support system, but she was not allowed to have contact with her father.

When Dora mentioned she hadn’t seen her two oldest sisters in over four years, her Family Search & Engagement team got to work, and tracked down one of those sisters, Luciana, on Facebook. After some planning, Dora traveled to Arizona with a staff member to visit Luciana. Dora’s happy, silly side came out as soon as she saw her sister, and Luciana expressed that she’d love to be more involved in Dora’s life.

Dora and her team are currently planning their next visit, and each day is looking brighter. She says, “My team has helped me see my light and is guiding me through my journey. They’re a blessing in my life!”