At nine years old, Ebony was referred by her social worker to the team-based Wraparound program at Uplift Family Services.

Following her parents’ alcohol-related, fatal car crash, Ebony moved in with her grandmother who loved her very much, but was frail and didn’t think she’d be able to care for Ebony much longer.

Ebony was left shattered, isolated, and failing in school. Ebony’s team helped her grandmother reconnect with her church, and Ebony began to have her best moments in this small, loving community. Eventually, with her pastor’s help, an adoptive family within the congregation was identified. To help express her grief, her therapist gave Ebony a sketchbook she could fill with memories of her parents, and to write about her developing bond with her new family. The team also collaborated with her teacher to create a nurturing learning environment.

As she began to feel a sense of security, Ebony improved academically and thrived in her new home.