Jocelyn wants to be the country’s first African-American female President. However, her beginnings were so tragic you would never imagine it possible. Thanks to a safe, nurturing Uplift Family Services foster home, agency services and programs supported by private donations, her outlook is promising. She’s attending one of the country’s best universities and you can see that she may well be a future Madam President.

When Jocelyn was six, she and her older sister were removed from home because of abuse and severe neglect. A drug-addicted mother and a drug-dealing pimp father were what they knew as family. Jocelyn and her sister entered “the system” and a pattern of many different placements in foster homes. Jocelyn was insecure and wondered why she had been chosen for such a terrible life. She spent her young years just trying to survive and yearned for a family to love her.

Then Jocelyn was placed in one of our certified foster homes. She received weekly visits from her Uplift Family Services social worker and was enrolled in a new, engaging school. She began to thrive.

Jocelyn had compensated for her insecurity by being “the bad girl” but now realized that to succeed, she was going to have to change her ways. Our staff located a tutor to help Jocelyn catch up on her studies.

From that point, she took advantage of every opportunity to succeed. In high school, she was invited to attend several youth leadership programs: the Junior Statesmen of America summer program followed the next year by the Global Young Leader Conference in Europe, a summer session at Washington University in St. Louis and finally an invitation to attend the Presidential Youth Inauguration in Washington, D.C. All of these opportunities were made possible through the support of donors like you. Attending President Obama’s inauguration inspired her dream of becoming president.

Jocelyn graduated from high school with an impressive 3.62 GPA and was accepted to one of the country’s most prestigious universities. Before leaving for college, Uplift Family Services awarded Jocelyn a donor-funded, $4,000 scholarship to help defray the costs of textbooks and supplies.

Jocelyn said, “My first year has been bumpy, but overall I have truly grown to know who I am and who I want to be. My school is by far one of the best universities for exploring your talents and broadening one’s intellect. I’m really excited for my second year.” Jocelyn continues to attend academic seminars and has become involved with Running Start, an organization dedicated to inspiring young women to run for political office.

She credits many with helping her get to where she is today—including teachers, social workers, donors and Uplift Family Services—for supporting her and guiding her through the journey.