The world had always been a scary place for Jose. Leaving home, attending school and other normal daily activities resulted in high anxiety, insomnia and irritable behavior. He often refused to go outside because he imagined his life was in danger from unseen enemies. Truancy, failing grades and extreme shyness and shame around others led to his involuntary hospitalization after years of different types of mental health treatments.

At age 16, Jose began to receive help from one of our Wraparound treatment teams which was available through state funding. Initially the team helped Jose with school and mental health routines that could decrease his anxiety. The combination of medication and positive social interactions encouraged Jose that his life could be better. He discovered he is a great cook and can communicate well with people by phone, letters and emails.

With the help of the team, Jose and his family created a new dynamic with each other that allowed Jose to participate more fully in daily routines at home, including regular chores and short family outings. His parents learned to help Jose with his behavior through positive reinforcement and age-appropriate consequences and rewards.

His goal now is to earn a GED and become a barber. In the meantime, Jose is enjoying reduced anxiety, irritation and sadness and living at home with his family despite chronic mental illness.