Latasha & Miles

When we first met Latasha and Miles, they were scared and homeless, living in a temporary shelter with their mother, who had finally worked up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend after discovering he was also hitting Miles.

Due to their extreme trauma, both children were struggling academically—Miles was angry and constantly disrupting class, while Latasha was depressed and withdrawn. When this family was eventually referred to Uplift Family Services, their team immediately got to work helping to meet the family’s basic need for housing, and Miles and Latasha began to learn healthy coping and communication skills through regular intensive therapy and skill-building activities. In the meantime, their mother was linked to her own mental health services, as well as coaching in financial planning and effective parenting skills.

Today, this happy family has moved into an apartment they can call home. Both Miles and Latasha have improved their grades and started taking swimming and art classes, respectively, where they’ve made friends and are thriving.