Lucía’s mother was the family’s primary breadwinner, but with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, she promptly lost her housekeeping and waitressing jobs.

The bills began to pile up. Then Lucía’s aunt became ill with COVID-19 and, within days, was hospitalized and put on a ventilator. This devastating turn of events left six-year-old Lucía distraught, and she began having nightmares, throwing frequent tantrums, and wetting the bed. Upon being referred to Uplift Family Services, her team quickly got to work helping to normalize her fears and teaching her to express her feelings through art. They also helped to meet the family’s basic needs, including assistance with utility bills, groceries, and school supplies. This critical support is allowing Lucía’s mother to focus on attending to her daughter’s emotional needs which, along with the slow recovery of her aunt, has helped Lucía cope better with her high stress and anxiety.