At times, Phoebe and her mother had a roof over their heads, but at others, they were homeless, residing in shelters. She experienced traumas ranging from bad boyfriends to sexual abuse, and was unsure where to turn for support, especially since a rift had grown between her and her mother because of her culture.

Depression set in, and at one point, Phoebe considered suicide. When she was first referred to Uplift Family Services, Phoebe said she would come in for individual and group therapy, but time and transportation issues got in the way, so her Uplift team arranged to see her in the community. They also met with Phoebe’s mom and helped both mother and daughter learn when to support each other, and when to let each other breathe.

Phoebe’s self-esteem slowly grew over the next year, and today, she has graduated from Uplift, as well as from high school, enrolled in college, completed a career certificate program, and landed a plum job.