Trinity Lutheran’s Legacy of Changing Lives

We are filled with gratitude upon receiving a $156,000 grant from Trinity Lutheran Church in Walnut Creek to support our Hollygrove programs! What makes this gift even more special is the incredible story behind it.

trinity Lutheran donation check

After 75 years of fellowship, the congregants and board of trustees of Trinity Church realized that they would have to close the church. Faced with this tremendous loss, their community came together to figure out how to establish a lasting legacy for the parish. They formed a “Legacy of Trinity Walnut Creek” committee and asked for nominations of organizations that support the physical and spiritual needs of people in their community and beyond.

Part of the guiding vision for this project was asking, “Where are the opportunities to love people?” and reflecting that, “This is what we are being called to do: help meet the needs of other human beings.” Keeping their faith and values central to the project, the Trinity community was thoughtful at each step of the process.

As a result, the Legacy of Trinity Walnut Creek committee was able to direct meaningful funding to 34 deserving organizations. From purchasing a truck that provides showers to people experiencing homelessness, to providing 6,000 school lunches in the Sacramento area, to supporting Uplift Family Services’ Hollygrove programs in Los Angeles, and beyond, Trinity Walnut Creek is leaving a legacy that is already changing lives. We are so honored and grateful to be a part of your legacy. Thank you!