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Mental Health Treatment

Pacific Clinics provides prevention and early intervention services, mental health and behavioral health treatment, and wellness services to children, youth, transitional age youth, adults, and older adults. Our trained behavioral health professionals use evidence-based programs to provide the most appropriate care to clients wherever they feel the most comfortable: in our offices, at schools, in homes, and in the community.

With over 50 locations in four counties and employees who speak over 22 languages and dialects, we provide life-saving and life-changing services tailored to the individual. (Our language capacity includes: Armenian, Cantonese, several Chinese dialects, Cambodian, English, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Punjabi, and Swahili.)

Call (877) PC-CARES (722-2737) to speak with a specialist who will direct you to the best clinic for you.

Children, youth, adults, and older adults have different needs and require different treatments, so many mental health services are provided based on age.

Children and Family Services (Birth – 15 years)

Pacific Clinics specializes in addressing the needs of young children with severe behavioral and emotional issues and providing support to their families/caregivers, building on our long history of expertise in this area. Today, almost one third of the clients we serve annually remain children and families.

We know that identifying and addressing childhood traumas and conditions early on can help families reclaim a happier, more fulfilling life.

Our children’s services range from prevention and early interventions to more intensive services and may include individual/family counseling, medication evaluation, and case management.

Our Head Start/Early Head Start early childhood education programs serve families from birth to 5. We conduct a comprehensive health and psychosocial assessment for each child to determine their needs and the most appropriate treatment plan.

Through our school-based initiatives, we work with over 325 schools to identify youth up to age 21 who may be experiencing behavioral health and substance use issues that may interfere with their school performance and social functioning. Our staff reaches out to youth at school to provide a range of mental health services, including screening for mental health and/or substance abuse issues, group sessions, individual and family counseling, case management, and medication evaluations and substance abuse interventions. Our multicultural services are offered in multiple languages including Armenian, Spanish and many Chinese dialects.

Transitional Age Youth Services (TAY) (Ages 16-25)

In addition to adapting to the already difficult physical, hormonal, emotional, and psychological changes in the teenage years and taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, many TAY also face a higher risk of suicide, violence and/or homelessness. 

Working with TAY often requires nontraditional approaches to be effective. We offer: outreach and engagement, mental health counseling, drop-in centers, mentorship, case management and linkage to community resources, food, substance abuse education, housing and health resources, and job training and placement.

Adults Services (ages 26-59)

Pacific Clinics is committed to serving low-income adults with serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression.

Recovery principles are central to our treatment models, and we build on clients’ strengths to achieve recovery and wellness. We provide assessments to each client to determine their needs and strengths, and provide a tailored treatment plan to help them reach their goals.

We offer comprehensive treatment that may include, but is not limited to: evidence-based practices and therapies, individual/group/family counseling, medication support, case management, health screening, peer support, and skill building. To support our clients’ complex needs, we also offer support services such as substance use disorder treatment, temporary housing and permanent housing support services, employment training and placement, and more.

Older Adults Services (age 60+)

Pacific Clinics has been a leader in recognizing the unique needs of older adults with mental illness. We’re working to raise awareness about the signs of depression, anxiety, and substance misuse among the elderly and offer appropriate treatment strategies. Too often an older adult’s mental illness goes unrecognized and untreated.

Our services are offered by a multidisciplinary team specially trained, knowledgeable and passionate about treating older adults. Older adults may receive counseling, case management and medication management. Services are offered in one of our clinics, in their home, or in another community setting.

Multicultural Services

We offer culturally and linguistically responsive services to address the needs of the diverse communities we serve. Our decades of community-based work has earned us the trust and respect of many underserved and hard-to-reach populations. Our staff are reflective of the clients they serve, making outreach and treatment more effective.

  • Asian Pacific Family Center (APFC): Founded in 1986, APFC has provided culturally competent field-based and site-based programs in positive youth development, substance abuse and gang violence prevention, bicultural parenting education and family support in addition to mental health counseling and treatment services. These services are provided in Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Chiu Chow, English, Toi San, Taiwanese, Korean, Spanish (through its Multicultural Family Center Program) and Vietnamese. Other services include integrated physical health and mental health services, behavioral health outreach and education, mental health recovery and wellness peer support for adults, and more.
  • Latino/a Youth Program: specializing in suicide prevention, the Latino/a Youth Program offers culturally competent and bilingual mental health services for elementary, middle, and high-school aged youth and their families. Our services promote mental health wellness through outreach and engagement, training, substance use prevention or cessation, and anti-stigma campaigns to address the high-risk factors that can lead to suicide during the vulnerable adolescent years. Our bicultural and bilingual staff understand the cultural nuances of the strong family orientation of the Latino culture, and can address the various levels of acculturation within each family, which affects treatment.
  • Hye-Wrap (Armenian Services): Hye-Wrap (meaning "Armenian Wraparound Services") was started in 1996 as a school-based program designed to address the culturally specific mental health needs of the newly immigrated Armenian youth who were at risk of dropping out of school. It has since evolved to help children and transitional age youth (ages 0-24), families, and adults. The program provides individual and family counseling, psychiatric evaluation, case management, linkages to support services (including tutoring and job training), parenting classes and coordination with school staff to address school performance behaviors. Hye-Wrap is located in Glendale and serves the surrounding area at our offices, schools, in a client's home and in the community. Pacific Clinics' staff speak English, Armenian, Farsi, Russian and Spanish to treat clients in their primary language.