Now More Than Ever, Help Us Do “Whatever It Takes”

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Now more than ever, help us do whatever it takes

As the coronavirus disease continues to cross economic, demographic, and geographic borders and leave California communities in an uncertain state, Uplift Family Services remains an accessible and critical resource for our children and families. While taking every precaution to protect their own health and safety, our brave staff continue to deliver services to children and parents and assess their evolving needs during this crisis.

Right now, families are grappling with the mounting pressure each day to make ends meet, maintain employment, access childcare, and secure their basic needs such as food and household supplies. The staff who work directly with the children we serve report that many of these families work in industries that are closed, like restaurants or retail, and worry about paying rent and utilities. They also have limited savings and are not able to stock up on food and essentials such as disinfectant, diapers, formula, Pedialyte, gloves, and toiletries. Also, simple crafts and activities for children who are in the home–like paper, markers, books, board games–are needed.

As a committed donor, your continued support and advocacy helps buoy vulnerable families during turbulent times. If you are able, please consider a donation to help. At the heart of every service, program, and resource is the desire to always do whatever it takes to help the children and families in our communities through their struggles, crises, and hardships. From our family to yours, we wish you health and well-being during this time.

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