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Main Services Area

Educational Programs
Educational Programs provide students with the skills they need to live successful lives. Our robust programs include early childhood development, classroom consultations in partnership with school districts, adult continuing education programs and parent workshops.
Support Services

Support Services offer various programs to address social determinants of health, including housing and employment coaching and placement, among other critically needed services.

While we couldn’t gather physically at the Norma Jean Gala this year, we found a new way to come together and have a positive impact during a turbulent time with our We Are Here Give-a-Thon!

The name serves as a message that we are here:

This Give-a-Thon ran from October 5-15, during which time our Board of Governors and host board called their friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors to share the life-changing work Uplift Family Services does for children and their family members in the Metro and South Los Angeles communities. Their efforts were wildly successful, raising more than $176,000 for our privately-funded Hollygrove programs!

These programs–Hollygrove Haven, Camp Hollygrove, and Parent Institute–have a measurable and lasting impact on children who have experienced adverse childhood trauma such as neglect, exposure to violence, drug or alcohol addiction, or have been separated from their families. It will also help parents and families build a network of support with other parents going through similar challenges, as well as develop new skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to our incredible host board, without whom none of this would have been possible: Jana Turner, Boni Bryant, Sheri Weller, Heather Jones, Ike Barinholtz, Busy Philipps, Colin Hanks, Samantha Hanks, Ashlee Margolis, Sally Pressman, and Clare Sebenius.

We’d also like to thank all our generous donors, including Jimmy Kimmel, Mindy Kaling, Mark Duplass, Phil Lord, and BJ Novak!

Challenging times are often hardest felt by our most vulnerable citizens. Since 1880, we have made it our mission to do whatever it takes to offer hope and heal the whole family, and funds raised will enable us to continue doing this for the 2,500 children and family members we serve right here in Los Angeles.

Your support means we can do more for them.

We can be here when they need us.

If you missed the Give-a-Thon, it’s not too late to give a gift!


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