Hollygrove Haven

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Hollygrove Haven is a 5-day per week therapeutic program, which offers a safe place to learn and practice essential skills– social, emotional regulation and academic–that are critical for success at home, at school and in the community. It targets children who need specialized attention due to emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with academic performance.

The program addresses learning through a project-based approach, which allows children to learn academic concepts through the development of social and communication skills, artistic expression, movement and sports. In collaboration with their teachers and parents, Hollygrove Haven connects the child and family to additional supports which, when needed, includes mental health services.

Beyond enhancing their social, problem-solving and life skills, Hollygrove Haven also incorporates recreation and enrichment activities such as basketball, soccer, dance, art and music to support the discovery of each child’s individual strengths.


  • Relationship Building
  • Expression of Feelings and Thoughts
  • Arts
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Exercise and Sportsmanship
  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Literacy
  • Family events

Hollygrove Haven is a part of our Hollygrove programs suite, which are privately funded services in the Los Angeles community. These innovative services extend the reach of our publicly funded programs, seek to address the needs of the family before problems take hold, and are offered at no charge.

How to enroll

Children ages 6–12 may be referred by a Pacific Clinics employee or a participating school. If you are the parent, contact us to find out if your child qualifies for Hollygrove Haven.

Hollygrove Haven currently serves the following schools:

  • Vine Street Elementary
  • Larchmont Charter School
  • Van Ness Elementary
  • Hollywood Primary Center
  • Santa Monica Charter School
  • Kingsley


Hollygrove Campus 815 N. El Centro Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

Contact Info

(323) 543-5660 hollygroveservices@upliftfs.org

This service is available in the following region(s):