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Main Services Area

Educational Programs
Educational Programs provide students with the skills they need to live successful lives. Our robust programs include early childhood development, classroom consultations in partnership with school districts, adult continuing education programs and parent workshops.
Support Services

Support Services offer various programs to address social determinants of health, including housing and employment coaching and placement, among other critically needed services.

Anjelica Ceja

Academic Advisor

Talk to me about: First generation college experiences; work-life balance; college transfers and college majors; financial literacy; social justice issues.

Angélica Ceja is an academic advisor and ally for students who knows the importance of having a mentor to help students navigate through college. As a first-generation college graduate and daughter of immigrant parents, Angélica understands the unique needs of students who share her life experience. Passionate about empowering students so they reach their full potential and achieve their educational, career and personal goals, Angélica advocates for students and provides them with real-world advice about what it takes to be successful in college. A firm believer in the importance of work-life balance, she is a knowledgeable and trusted advisor about unlocking life and personal skills.

Jennifer Tipans

Academic Advisor

Talk to me about: Time management; organizational and planning skills; helping others in need; resiliency and moving forward.

Jennifer Tipan is an academic advisor who focuses on helping students achieve their academic, career and personal goals. Working with students to unlock success in their chosen fields of study, Jennifer is an expert on time management and organizational skills who is happy to share her knowledge. A longtime counselor and mentor, Jennifer works to equip students with determination and resiliency as they advance down the road of success together. Through her experience working at both Santa Ana College and Irvine Valley College, Jennifer understands which tools students need to proactively overcome the obstacles they might face. Her caring, supportive approach ensures student achievement.

John Harmon

Academic Advisor

Talk to me about: Self-care; school-life-work balance; self-efficacy and lifelong learning; HiSET prep.

John Harmon is an academic advisor who supports students’ academic and personal development while helping them find the right balance in their lives to ensure long-term success. John brings rich and varied life experience after working in higher education for almost 25 years following a 20-year career in truck driving. Along with helping students navigate their academic journeys, John works with students to develop self-care routines that nurture their healthy growth and fulfillment. John also is an expert on preparing students for the HiSET high school equivalency exam. By getting to know each student well, John provides uplifting support that addressing their full range of needs and prepares them to succeed.

Frankie Nelson

Employment Specialist

Talk to me about: Behavioral Health careers; resume building; barriers to employment; career changes.

Frankie Nelson is an Employment Specialist who provides individualized services to students focused on employment readiness, vocational training and the Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification. Frankie shares the lived experience of students he works with and understands their excitement and challenges in seeking employment as a peer in the behavioral health workforce. Formerly a Success Coach, Frankie is an expert in a wide range of areas that support students along their educational journeys. Frankie enjoys working one-on-one with students as they identify and pursue their career paths and believes deeply in the value of growing the peer workforce.

Tenaya Rufener

Peer Partner

Talk to me about: Peer support; wellness planning; self-care tips.

Tenaya Rufener is a Peer Partner who is dedicated to assisting students with time management, overcoming educational barriers, setting boundaries and unlocking their strengths. She is an expert on the resource linkages that help students find the supports needed as they pursue their educational goals. Tenaya also is a strong believer in the importance of preventing burnout and is quick to share tips and tools along with grounding techniques that ensure students are best equipped for success. Tenaya assists students in preparing for the California Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Exam. Passionate about supporting students in their recovery journey, Tenaya offers caring peer support and personalized advice to help students achieve their goals.

Destiny Lopez

Success Coach

Talk to me about: Time management skills; study tips; self-care techniques (ranging from physical activity to introspection); learning to be in the present moment.

Destiny Lopez has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an Associate of Arts in Sociology. Destiny often applies what she’s learned throughout her education to everyday life. As a Success Coach, she is dedicated to helping students succeed academically through offering consistent support, encouragement, and empathy.

Millie Montoya

Success Coach

Talk to me about: Being a first-generation student; navigating college; time management; organization skills; self-care.

Millie Montoya is a Success Coach who is passionate about helping all students achieve their educational goals. A recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz, Millie is an expert on the tools and skills required to successfully navigate college. She works closely with students to build up their knowledge, develop productive study habits and establish a plan that supports their ongoing achievement. Millie believes deeply in the power of higher education to unlock life-long success and open exciting new doors. Always looking to support students, Millie is open to answering any questions and offering whatever support students need.

Reyna Verduzco

Success Coach

Talk to me about: Organizing your academic plans; practicing wellness; how to navigate being a student.

Reyna Verduzco is a Success Coach who provides individual, personalized support for students based on their goals and educational timeline. As a student at Cal State Long Beach, Reyna knows the challenges that college students currently face and partners with students to design actionable plans that will support their success. Passionate about the importance of wellness and self-care, Reyna also works with students to nurture their health and well-being and encourages them to remember to take time for themselves. She is dedicated to making a difference in students’ lives and helping them find their own path forward.

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